Tax Advantages of a Home Based Business


The tax advantages that are available to you when you own a home based business number in the dozens.

The beautiful thing about a home based business is that ANYONE can start one.  The key is to not just start but actually try to make it work.  Treat it as a business and not a hobby.  Better yet, MAKE A PROFIT!   

My recommendation is to start a Network Marketing business

At the top of the list of  advantages of starting a Network Marketing business is low start-up and operating cost.  After that come the tax advantages .  In the American Tax Code, as of this date, there are a dozen or more legal tax deductions available to the home based business owner.  It’s up to you to take advantage of them.

If you’ve already filed your taxes this year than go back to January 1, and start gathering for next year.

An excellent piece of software to assist you in doing your taxes is MLM TAX HELPER.  There is a version for Network Marketers and Internet Marketers.  I have personally tested it and HIGHLY endorse it.

In the words of tax expert Tax Expert Wayne Davies sent us out of the blue one day:“I’ve been doing accounting and tax returns for 15 years. I’ve used every software program out there — Quickbooks, Quicken, Money, you name it. And I know what a hassle record-keeping can be for small business owners and self-employed people, especially at tax time….” “Well, the MLM
Tax Helper is by far the easiest bookkeeping 
program I’ve ever seen READ THE REST HERE

If you would like to talk about your options about the best business for you to choose feel free to call or contact me.

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