To Succeed in Multi-Level Marketing, MLM, You Need to Understand MLM Lead Generation?

Watching people on your team succeed is one of the biggest rewards in Network Marketing.  One of the keys to succeed is to learn effective MLM lead generation. 

There are hundreds of MLM and Network Marketing companies and one of the aspects of all those companies is the need for the distributors to understand how to generate leads.   If you intend to be successful in a multilevel marketing venture, then you should remember that the process of acquiring quality and targeted offline and online leads is not complicated but it does take work.   Some methods are so simple it takes nothing but a pencil and a piece of paper.   The online methods have a bigger learning curve for most people but they’re innovative and proven techniques that can be invaluable when it comes to lead generation.   Below are just few of those tips that will enable you to bring in tons of leads, and with the knowledge of “what to say and how to say it” will help you grow your business and your monthly checks.

The first and most reliable lead generation techniques is the “old fashioned” way.  Build a list of your friends and people from your circle of influence. 

If you don’t have a circle of influence then list out anyone and everyone you know.  DO NOT leave out the people you’re afraid to call.   I do not include my family.  Then build from warm list to warm list.  Follow the system your company has laid out and use the materials they have created.  When you have a big enough team, and have enough experience, then you can start to create your own materials, web sites etc… if you so desire.  

Learn how to use social media marketing

Social Media  It’s another arrow in your quiver and is the most far reaching lead generation technique but it takes time to learn how to do it effectively.    For social media marketing to work you need to use tact, skill, have a properly working and converting website or blog. By properly using social media in lead generation, it is possible for you to get leads that have higher rates of conversion.

Make the most out of video marketing.

Put video posts on your blog and on YouTube.  You Tube is recognized as the biggest online video portal and ranks in the top 5 of the largest search engines.  You have several video portals Daily Motion and Metacafe so don’t forget about those. As of date there is an estimated four billion plus people viewing videos through the mentioned sites as a means of finding answers and solutions to their problems then by doing static searches. A large percentage of the videos posted online were of poor quality or not accessible so if you intend effectively use video marketing to acquire leads for your MLM business, then you need to acquaint yourself about a few tips and tricks in creating the most enticing and excellent contents for your videos. Your videos should be impressive enough to quickly capture attention and go viral.

4.  At the end of the list is buying leads.  If you do, make sure they are from a reliable source, are freshly generated, properly qualified, AND that you know how to utilize them.  Don’t buy cheap and bulk packaged MLM leads because they are old, over sold, and a waste of money.

I’ll provide a list of more ways to generate MLM, Network Marketing leads in a future post but this should get you started.

One of the keys to succeed is to learn effective MLM lead generation.

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