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Pure Leverage is almost one-year old however the company behind it has a ten-year plus track record of success.

So when you read that Pure Leverage is a new company rest assured you are NOT getting involved in a START-UP.  When you say start-up all I can say is, “been there, done that, and don’t want the t-shirt.”   If you’ve done any research about Pure Leverage you are, as with any company, going to read about the successes, the non-successes, hear from the people who have no knowledge of the company only uninformed opinions and from the trolls trying to promote their own programs.

So the question is:  is Pure Leverage really worth it?

There are so many businesses that are big on hype, but short on delivery.  Pure Leverage is not one of those.  If you read some early reviews about it you’ll read about some of the negatives although out of the ones I read those are not true or have since been corrected.   And the author of the “Pure Leverage Review” will try to incorporate in the article their opinion of why the program they promote is better than Pure Leverage.

When you hear or read about the Pure Leverage business opportunity you must keep in mind that the company behind it is a company called GVO or Global Virtual Opportunities and they offer a product suite that REALLY DOES DELIVER a tremendous and needed product for the online marketing professionals.

Pure Leverage and GVO Breakdown:

Video E-Mail

Marketers routinely pay $20-$45 or even more for a quality video email service. Video email is included as part of the Pure Leverage base package, totaling $24.95 per month.


Everyone who operates a successful online business HAS TO have an auto-responder service. Popular options today run from $19 per month and up JUST FOR STARTERS! The bigger your list grows, the more you will spend.  We’re talking into the hundred’s and at times thousands of dollars a month. The fully functional, auto-responder service allows you up to 10,000 names on your list as part of their base $24.95 per month package.    As with any service, there is a learning curve involved in using the service but from experience I can tell you it is no more than, and in some cases less, than others I have used.

Pure Leverage does not tolerate true SPAM however, as a company, Joel Therien and his team of developers are extremely “marketer friendly” and understanding of the fact that with a big list often comes bogus complaints of spam. The team at Pure Leverage reviews any incident with a definite slant in favor of conscientious marketers. Good news for you, and a breath of fresh air in this profession.

Live Web Conferencing Service

More and more marketers are turning to live webinars as an efficient means of staying connected to their teams around the globe. Monthly fees for these services typically range from around $30 up to hundreds of dollars in some cases. This service with a room for up to 100 participants is included with the Pure Leverage $24.95 package.

Authority Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to get your message out to the masses, and your own authority blog on the Pure Leverage domain is part of the basic $24.95 package. By the time you add up the cost of purchasing a domain, hosting, themes, and various plugins, most marketers spend $100 or more just to get their own personal blog up and running, in addition to ongoing monthly fees. Not to mention the time involved to learn all of the ins and outs of putting a blog together, optimizing it for search engines, etc.

All of these fees are eliminated with your own authority blog on the Pure Leverage domain. You may still want to have a separate personal blog, but the Pure Leverage blog is a fantastic way for beginners to learn the ropes of blogging while saving tons of cash.  If you’re not sure what the benefits of having a high authority blog are here just a few things that benefit you by having one.

The term authority simply means that it is a high traffic domain with lots of credibility with search engines. As of this writing, the Pure Leverage domain is already in the top 2,000 highest trafficked sites in the United States. What does this mean to you? High authority means greater likelihood that your content will rank on the search engines, which of course means more traffic to your site AND that means more sales for whatever you are promoting!

Paid Advertising

Joel Therien and his team have negotiated some very reasonably priced co-op ad buys for members. When starting out in the “blogosphere”  paid advertising is an excellent way to jumpstart your business.  It may be with solo-ads, PPC, Ad-Buys, or ad co-ops.  You’ll need to have plenty of spare cash to take full advantage of paid-advertising.  This is an awesome feature for you if you decide to become a reseller of the Pure Leverage tool suite, and have a marketing budget to work with.

From a product standpoint, Pure Leverage delivers tremendous value to the online marketing profession. You are getting well over $100 worth of the tools that you MUST HAVE to grow your business online, for a steal at $24.95 per month.

What is the V.I.P. Program?

The $97 VIP program includes exclusive marketing training from some of the leading online professionals. There are also pre-built, turnkey campaigns included for everyone who wants to earn 100% commissions marketing Pure Leverage.  I’ll explain that later in this article. Suffice it to say that the team at Pure Leverage reviews EVERYTHING that is working online and brings us the most cutting edge training and tools as they come available, and BEFORE the rest of the world has heard about them.

Before I get into business side of Pure Leverage, I will address some of the main questions some Pure Leverage reviews have attempted to cover, while others have left out completely. If you have read enough Pure Leverage reviews and are the kind of person who “learns by doing,” go ahead and click on the banner below to start your Pure Leverage test drive.



IS Pure Leverage an MLM?

No.  You are being paid for marketing a product.  You are a re-seller and earn a percentage of the people that you tell about Pure Leverage who become re-sellers too.  The Pure Leverage tool suite is the perfect promotional device for any business whether it be online or offline.

The business model for those who choose to promote Pure Leverage is a traditional affiliate model where you only get paid on the efforts of your direct referrals, so there are no “levels.”

HOWEVER, there is a VERY LUCRATIVE aspect that allows Pure Leverage to PAY YOU MORE than most MLMs in existence.

Should you be a Pure Leverage affiliate?

By now you’ve read enough here and from other Pure Leverage reviews to know that you are going to purchase and use the Pure Leverage Product Suite and if you have, or want to have, a  Network Marketing business or an online marketing business, then not only will you use these tools, but so will many of your associates.

Now, to get to the money question:

Pure Leverage is simple, powerful, and lucrative.

The basic plan is $24.95 per month for all of the tools (and more) described above.

Should you choose to become a reseller, you will also pay a $19.97 monthly affiliate fee. This fee covers the cost of doing business for Pure Leverage (merchant fees, upgrades, support, and a small profit).  If you were to get your own merchant account you’ll pay $30 to $60 dollars a month and probably be locked into a long-term contract.

Here’s how it works.

You make 100% month one on your personal sales.

Starting month two, you make 50% residual on the monthly subscriptions of your direct affiliates


and here is where it gets POWERFUL

a 50% check match on each of your direct affiliates! So imagine how much you will be earning in residual each month when you have just 4 or 5 affiliates promoting Pure Leverage with you. That’s Pure Leverage, and now you can see why many are calling this the most lucrative program for the largest number of marketers on the planet today!

To see a visual example of this CLICK HERE

As you’ll see, it’s much more profitable than what words can describe.

The true profits and the value of Pure Leverage come with the $97 VIP level.  This is where you get the training you need to have successful online business.   When you are a VIP member with Pure Leverage, you also hold resell rights for the VIP training. If you thought you were going to make a lot of cash at $24.95 a pop, you might want to get that calculator back out!

Bottom Line:

Global Virtual Opportunities is a suite of business services designed to provide Internet Marketers with market proven tools they need. By owning and housing all the necessary equipment needed to provide these services all in one location, the owners eliminate the middlemen. Thus these services can be offered directly to the consumer at a very competitive price. GVO makes it possible for the marketer to receive all their services for free and to share in the revenue generated by reselling their services


The Services:

GVO is or provides: ·

  • Unlimited domain hosting service ·
  • An unlimited autoresponder which      can handle all your e-mailing needs ·
  • A complete video marketing system      ·
  • Full video and audio conferencing,      allowing “rent a virtual meeting room” capabilities ·
  • Website monitoring software ·      Prospecting and monitoring tools ·
  • Advanced marketing and sales tools      ·
  • A lead capture system ·
  • 60+ hours of live classroom      training per month ·
  • Technical and other assistance,      24/7/365 ·
  • Based on a twelve year proven      track record

GVO is used by Internet Marketers such as Mike Filsaime, Stephen Pierce, Michael Cheney, Frank Rambauskas, Frank Kern, Jeff Johnson, Trey Smith, Todd Gross, and Russell Brunson. Others have been using and enjoying most of these services for several years now. By so doing, they have discovered a hosting company which pays them more than they pay it!

Pure Leverage 

GVO also offers a generous compensation plan. It adds extra quality attributes to the overall package.

I hope this helps and if it’s something you want to learn more about call me at 817-901-4474.

To Your Success!












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