Take Advantage of Leverage by Outsourcing Call Handling Activities of Your Business

Outsourcing IS the answer to growing a business!

Understanding Leverage:

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world” – Aristotle
Aristotle understood the power of leverage 2000 years ago. Though Aristotle talked about mechanical leverage, leverage is even more relevant in business. In contrast to earlier times, business leverage is accessible even to small business owners. One of the biggest leaps a small business owner can make is through understanding leverage. Small business owners usually are people who build their business from scratch and they are people who most likely have started alone. Applying leverage to your business can be a mind blowing and stress relieving experience which almost always results in higher revenues. Leverage can be in many forms viz. raising capital, outsourcing work, employing people, and etc. The quickest and highest yielding leverage for a small business owner is outsourcing.

Outsourcing: A new phenomenon

People wonder why outsourcing has become popular all of a sudden. Outsourcing was not popular a decade ago because there was no technology to support it. With the advent of new technology distance has become irrelevant. Previously, when technology was expensive outsourcing was accessible only to large companies. Now, it is within the reach of small business owners and even individuals.

Why is outsourcing so important?

“A business is a repeatable process that makes money. Everything else is a hobby.” — Paul Freet
A business can be defined in many other ways. For the purpose of understanding outsourcing the quotation written above serves best. A repeatable process has several parts. Not all parts need the same level of expertise and not all of them contribute equally to the revenue. Outsourcing lets you focus on core aspects of business by making yourself free from less important tasks. For instance, a marketing company which outsources its phone calls can focus on higher level tasks. One of the common problems of small business owners is they are extremely overworked. Outsourcing helps alleviate this problem. Outsourcing is one of the things people wish they had started earlier.

What to outsource?

After a business becomes profitable it is essential to separate the core business functions and supportive business functions. The business owner should focus on core business activities and delegate everything else. This classification is essential even if one does not delegate because it lets you focus on what is important in your business. Let us take the example of a marketing company. It could have several activities like lead generation, calling prospects and turning them into customers, and customer support etc. The marketing company can use a service like
http://www.mlmleadcallcenter.com/ to manage all their phone calls.

When to outsource?

The most common characteristic of small business owners is that they tend to postpone outsourcing. This happens because small business owners are used to doing everything on their own or with employees they have. They take too long in making this move. The right time to start outsourcing is right after the business becomes profitable and streamlined. If your business is profitable but not yet streamlined you should take a couple of days to streamline all the activities. This helps you in outsourcing as well as in making your business more efficient.

How to outsource?

The first step in outsourcing business activities is to streamline your business. After a business is streamlined one has to separate core business activities from the supportive business activities. The supportive business activities have to be split into tasks with clearly defined goals. For achieving desired results, clearly defining the outcome of a delegated task is essential. Clarity and communication are inevitable in outsourcing. A badly communicated task usually results in unsatisfactory results. If that happens the best way to deal with that situation is to understand the fault line in the communication and deal with it. Small business owners should not give up outsourcing when faced with an occasional bad experience essentially.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner: Case study

The most important part of outsourcing is choosing the right partner for outsourcing. Choosing an outsourcing partner usually entails several aspects. Are they capable of handling the task? Do they understand the concerns of your business? How well do they stand behind their work.

myPhoneRoom (www.mlmleadcallcenter.com) is a call handling business which lets you outsource all the calling activities of your marketing business. It helps you give a professional image. You get a lot of time freedom and leverage. They also provide a professional scripting and review services. They can connect to your website and automate the leads transfer process. Your clients also get live support from them. If you have a marketing business which involves calling you cannot risk not using myPhoneRoom(www.mlmleadcallcenter.com). 

Seriously, it’s time you started working smarter and not harder.  Stop wasting your precious and valuble time talking to one time waster after another. 

Put your prospecting on auto-pilot by outsourcing it to My Phone Room. 

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