Three Must’s for Growing a Network Marketing Business

 There are 18 Million people whose goal is to build a successful Network Marketing business.

Before doing so there needs to be identified one thing that is most important to doing so.

The One Thing

In the book, “The One Thing – The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” the authors talk about the importance of what focusing on the one thing that will determine success in all areas of your life.  

Gary Kelly and Jay Papasan explain in detail why this is true and how to do it.  It’s amazing to me how simple the concept is but how difficult it can actually be to do.   When you actually do drill down to that “One Thing” all the other steps one thinks is needed to accomplish a goal seem to go away.  It simplifies the whole process of achieving the success goals you have set in your spiritual, mental, and physical life.    You do have some goals don’t you?   

We all have heard that goals are important and they are but to successfully meet them a person must first be the master of their inner self.  The subconscious.  You can set all the goals you want but if your subconscious is not aligned with those goals you will probably fail or not be anywhere close to success as you could be if the inner and the outer  levels of consciousness were in alignment.

So how do you get the inner world aligned with the outer world?

A good first step would be getting and reading Charles F. Haanel’s The Master Key System.  There are many today who claim The Master Key System is the greatest book ever written.  A claim yes, but more important it is backed by truth.   It is simply one of the finest studies in personal power, metaphysics, and prosperity consciousness that exists.  See more at: http://www.psitek.net/pages/PsiTekTMKSContents.html#sthash.8ky31lw9.dpuf


To further back up the importance of “The One Thing” is another book that must be more than read but studied is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. 

For one of the most important concepts of that book is that a person must have a definite major purpose in life that all goals must lead to.  A goal should be a stepping stone towards that definite major purpose not the stopping of ones journey to fulfillment and success.   You’ll find a good study guide for Think and Grow Rich at   http://www.marcus-baker.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/FREE-Napoleon-Hill-Think-and-Grow-Rich-Action-Guide-39-pages.pdf

It will coincide with the book Think and Grow Rich you can find here: http://www.psitek.net/pages/PsiTekTAGRContents.html

So what IS the one thing that is needed to build a successful network marketing business.  That is what only you can determine.   


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