Lotions, Potions, and Pills


No More Lotions, Potions, and Pills?

That is the question.  In the network marketing arena one of the promotional phases by many of the start-up companies has been “no more lotions, potions, and pills“.    The underlying theme to this is catering to the people who were not successful with the company that marketed that type of product.  But in reality, the same reason they weren’t successful marketing lotions, potions, and pills will probably be the same reason they won’t be successful in marketing a product that is not in that market i.e., energy, phone service, solar, gold, etc..  This is not to say that companies that market products that are tech based, commodity based, or that fall outside the lotions, potions, and pills companies are a bad thing.  I’ve been in a few of those types of companies and they all have marketed a useful service or product.  However, the reason people aren’t successful can be attributed to lack of training, lack of proper motivation, false expectations, or circumstances beyond their control not the product.

The answer to the question is, IT IS NOT a bad thing to be aligned with a lotions, potions, and pills company .  Lotions, potions, and pill companies have been around for more than 50 years and are still the mainstay of Network Marketing companies.  DOES THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING? Technology companies come and go but no matter what, people will always want to feel good and look better.

In 1989 I began my journey in the Network Marketing industry most of the companies at the time fit into the “lotions, potions and pills” category.

Since then a multitude of companies now promote electricity, cell phones, solar power, fuel economy, free groceries, and the list goes on.

The downside to joining and building a company that markets a specific technology, like electricity, phone services and the like is that the ever evolving technology market can render your product useless in a very short time.  Many are familiar with the company in the late 1990’s that marketed low-cost telephone service that grew very large, very quick but when the telephone industry deregulated the market the distributors were all let go and the company kept all the customers.  The “pills, potions, and lotions” company I was with kept moving right along as it has for 50 years.

 Ariix, a first class lotions, potions, pills, and more Network Marketing business

There are a hundred quality network marketing or direct sales businesses to choose from when thinking about starting a home based business the majority of which market health, nutrition, and beauty products or if you want “pills, potions, and lotions.” BECAUSE Why?  No matter the economy, people will always want to feel better and look better.

Instead of me explaining why I joined Ariix I want a retired special forces veteran to enlighten you on why you may want to investigate Ariix as well.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Bless and Be Blessed!



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