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Lead Generation System i.e., S ave, Y ourself,
T ime, E nergy, and M oney!

The number one Lead Generation System is YOU!

Yes, you read that right. Talk with any leader, and they’ll tell you the same thing.  You’ll probably also hear that the biggest problem areas they have in their downline fall into the daily activities to accomplish this:

  • Dialing the phone – reaching out to talk to people
  • Setting appointments
  • Inviting people to look at the business or the products
  • Presenting the business or the products

This area of dialing the phone, connecting with people and talking with them, inviting and setting appointments and then presenting is the heart of what you do as a professional networker.

Having the ability to easily communicate with someone and help them see the benefits of your product, or what makes it unique allows you to build relationships with others. And when you know how to communicate well and express your thoughts and ideas, you have this incredible ability to help people solve their challenges; you have the ability to show them how your product or service can make their life better.

The First Source of MLM Leads

Social Media is a nice arrow in your quiver BUT!  The best source of leads is warm list to warm list.  The old fashioned MLM strategy of making a list of your warm market (circle of influence – not family), calling the names on that list, and then helping the people you sponsor, do the same.

Purchased Leads

If you’re just entering the network marketing industry and want to build a business you’ll hear the saying, only suckers buy leads.  Normally, it’s being said by someone that wants you to buy their lead-generation software, or join their system.   I’ve been a  member of My Lead System Pro since 2006 so I’m not going to tell you that they are all bad.  Generating leads using their system is a good way to do it but it takes time, money, and a lot of work.   Most of what many don’t have or want to put forth.

So, if you listen to successful people, millionaires, in network marketing you will see that all of them have purchased leads at one time or another.

There are several lead sources on the Internet where you can buy their leads.  Most are reputable but many are resellers of Direct Response Media.  One lead source I use is  are the Leads Generated by MLM Specialist

A good read by Mark Yarnell:

“Capitalization” rather than “duplication” – Mark Yarnell

Last millennium, people believed that the key to MLM Success was duplication. I wrote about it myself in two books which are now obsolete. The real key to success in this new century is figuring out the assets of new distributors and then helping each person build a lucrative business by capitalizing on their strengths.

Some people have a huge card file full of thousands of former clients or customers, while other new distributors have been successful using direct mail marketing systems. A few folks are already skilled at using computer generated lead systems. Others are most comfortable approaching prospects with videos or CDs at public events. Some write great ads and belong to lead generation companies.

The point is this. A great leader will ask enough questions of a new distributor to determine that person’s unique talents for retailing, recruiting and coaching. I believe everyone should begin by contacting those in their warm market, but beyond that strategy, upline leaders need to help new people figure out a building system best suited to their own talents and personalities.

No one system is duplicable for every personality type. Extroverts and introverts are both capable of succeeding in our industry so long as their uplines assist them in taking advantage of their own unique gifts.

I have followed this strategy for many years and it has served me and those I have sponsored very well.








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