Hempworx – fewer seizures and more income

Why I HAD to start a home based business

Many years ago, 36, I made an awesome play in a high school football game and earned an even awesomer concussion.  So awesome that I started having seizures 90 days later.  And the journey began.   At different periods in my life I have had up to 40 seizures a month.  I didn’t have a drivers license for 10 years, I was “let go” from 5 different jobs, etc…  The point is I had to, and still do,  support myself and my family.

I did what my dad told me, get a 4 year college degree, get a corporate job, and retire with a pension.  I earned the college degree however getting the corporate job wasn’t happening.  The corporate recruiters who came on campus that I spoke with were polite about it but having an employee that had epilepsy didn’t fit what they needed.  All that to say when I graduated college I was forced to find something I could do from home. That was NOT my plan however, after a few short months I started to understand the benefits of working from home.  Some of which you find in this blog.

For tax purposes alone, having a home based business is a smart decision

I started a small collection agency however when I began having to take on employees I learned of another option from one of my clients.  Network Marketing.  I wrote about the benefits of network marketing HERE

Network marketing, the antithesis of the brick and mortar business – No employees, no to little overhead, miniscule start-up costs, very little risk and the possibility for HUGE profits.

So what does this have to do with HEMPWORX for FEWER SEIZURES and more income?

HEMPWORX provides 2 of the most important things I need.  A product that is helping me to have less seizures and a company that provides me a solid business to earn additional income.

The product – CBD oil.  CLICK HERE to learn more.  I first saw the name HEMPWORX in a Facebook post from a friend who only talked about the CBD oil and other hemp products.  After going to the website I saw they not only had hemp products but many others as well.  What was really really exciting is that HEMPWORX has an outstanding business opportunity to those so inclined to take advantage of it.   Another site you can visit that has many of the products they offer. MY DAILY CHOICE


If you’re interested in trying a few of the products for free reply back or contact me and I’ll send you a free sample. SAMPLE 

Take Care!



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