Have Epilepsy? Build a Home Based Business


For Professionals with epilepsy having a home based business is a perfect solution to overcome the difficulties they face in the workplace.

Have you ever had the dream where you’re running to get to an appointment and you’re not going anywhere? Imagine this. You’re standing at the front of a conference room giving a sales presentation to a group of professionals about the benefits of using your company to design and build a multi-million dollar building and why they should use you over the competitors. Then, at the worst possible moment right in front of everybody; you CAN NOT TALK! You open your mouth but NO sound comes out and THEN it just hangs open and you start to drool! NOT COOL!!

It seemed I always having a petite-mal seizure in front of a group of people, or on the phone, etc, etc… The loss of productivity because of my epilepsy and the anti-convulsants medication I took was directly related to numerous employers asking me to take a vacation; a permanent vacation.

I have so many stories of having seizures on the job.  I’ve had them in blue-collar and white-collar jobs. In the office and in the field.  From the corporate boardrooms to the oilfields of West Texas working as a roughneck on drilling rigs.   Heck, after 34 years of having seizures I have so many stories I could write book about it all – a large one!


If you’re not the type to make the effort to start earning an income from home then you need to educate yourself. You can start with learning about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can help you when looking for, and keeping, a job.

I never did get the ADA involved because I didn’t want it known I had seizures.  Looking back I should have at least asked what my rights were. Now I don’t have to deal with the ADA or a boss but there are still thousands of people that do.  Just a side note: there was one agency I dealt with on a daily basis and that was the DMV BECAUSE for 10 years I had no driver’s license.

In regards to the work place here’s a quick synopsis of how the ADA Works:

The ADA outlaws employers from discriminating against a qualified individual on the basis of disability. In other words, you cannot be denied a job or fired from one because you have epilepsy. In addition, an employer of more than 15 people is required to “make reasonable accommodation for a known disability unless to do so would impose an undue burden on the employer,” according to the Epilepsy Foundation. Exact accommodations required are unique to each person with epilepsy, but some examples from the Epilepsy Foundation include:

  • A person experiencing memory problems can ask that assignments be given in writing instead of orally.
  • Someone at risk of breakthrough seizures may need flexible hours or a short break at work if a seizure occurs.

Discrimination despite the ADA

Despite the number of people with epilepsy — 3 million Americans are affected — discrimination is still in the marketplace. I tried to cover up out of necessity because I can tell you from experience that employers do discriminate against you especially if you want a higher paying job.  They’ll find too many reasons why you don’t “qualify” for the position.

And many from the medical profession feel the same way. “The issue of stigma is still very big,” says Dr. Locatelli, medical director of the Florida Neuroscience Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “So what I say is, don’t announce that you have epilepsy. But from a safety perspective, if you’ve got a friend at work or you have a good relationship with your manager explain that if there is a seizure this is what you do.”   I did at times tell people of course when I couldn’t drive I had no choice.  Just another reason to start a home based business.

A more detailed explanation for work place issues can be found here  http://www.eeoc.gov/facts/epilepsy.html

For a more detailed place to learn about starting a Home Based Business you can start by contacting me.




Always remember:

Epilepsy is what you have, not what you are. You are not an epileptic. You are a person with Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a part of your life.  It is not your whole life.  You are not different from other people in any major way except for the brief time you’re having a seizure. Other people may expect that having epilepsy makes you different but that’s their mistake.  Given the chance you can probably live, work and function in the world just as well as anyone else.   All that being said you still must deal with what you have.


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