Ad Swap List Building

There are several ways to build your mailing list.

One technique you can implement to build your mailing list for little or no additional cost is “using subscribers to make subscribers” kinda like the saying  “using money to make money”.

Ad swap is a simple list building formula

In it’s simplest form you trade advertisements with other eZine publishers.  Preferably of the same mailing list size or bigger.  You make an agreement with an eZine publisher to distribute his/her advertisement to your mailing list while the eZine publisher endorses your ad to his list. You’re simply cross endorsing or cross promoting each others offer to each of your mailing list.

Your advertisement’s goal should be to get as many subscribers possible from the other eZine publisher’s mailing list to sign up for yours.

The result: you grow your mailing list. This method does not require money, although it does take  some time, which means it can be done almost for  free.  And the return of subscribers is infinite!

You only have to do this with one eZine publisher at least once, because his subscribers who are also your subscribers can now be followed up within the boundaries of your mailing list.

Perform an ad swap with as many eZine publishers as possible and before you no it, you’ll have a huge mailing list of your own – built for almost no cost.


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